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Thug Life Sunglasses

Is your behavior objectionable, but you are tired of expressing in words that you're not going to change? If so, these glasses are for you. These glasses are not practical sun glasses, as the pixelated "shine" is difficult to see through. You won't want to wear them around for this reason, and that they don't fit every face. They are too wide for my nine year old, and too short to reach my ears comfortably. But who cares? Wearing them around would imply that you want everyone to "deal with it," all of the time which diminishes the power of their dramatic statement.

I recommend carrying them around in your pocket to take out and put on at those moments when you really want others to know how much you don't care about their objections to your behavior. Not going to hand in your homework today? Put these glasses on, and your teacher will get the message. You're not the "homework doing" type and she'll just have to "deal with it." Then they can go back in your pocket again, ready for the next exchange.

Is your boss upset that you never hand in your TPS reports on time? When he bugs you about it, its time to whip out your Deal With It Glasses once again. I never leave home without my "bad girl" attitude, so why would I ever leave these glasses behind? Answer: Trick question; I wouldn't.


Roll out with confidence in these low-resolution sunglasses

  • Great gag gift for the gamer, meme-enthusiast or troll in your life
  • Meme yourself and tell the sun and everyone else to "Deal With It"
  • Laser-cut, engraved, smoked acrylic sunglasses for novelty wear, no UV protection
  • 8 bits of attitude for when you just need someone to deal with a situation
Lenses Color
Deal with it 2
Deal with it 1

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