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Ship at Sea - Paint By Number Kit

  • Get this do-it-yourself Van-Go paint by number kit to get creative and paint your ship sailing at sea!
  • This kit is custom designed for creative artists who want to test their skills!
  • Follow the patterns provided, or let your inner artist free and make your own creations!
  • Measures 16 - 20 inches.
  • Includes 1 x canvas, 3 x nylon brushes, and 1 x set of acrylic paints.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Paint by Number has become a style of art created by filling in pre-numbered areas on a canvas panel with matching colors of paint. This art form is popular again and Papkara is leading with more new designs for you to enjoy.

Great for families, couple, friend can work together to paint one oil paint. Everyone will has fun when they work together.You make a white art canvas into yours unique oil paint with your sweet memory.

You will find out one more interesting thing to do in your leisure time and it is a good gift for parents, child, lover and friends when you finish the oil paint, it makes you feel a sense of achievement.


Drawing turn according to your personal favor or in turns of the numbers.

Match the number of the paint and the figure on the canvas to fill in the paint.

If you fill in a wrong color, you can wait the paint to get day and then cover the wrong part with the correct color on the surface.


Professional canvas design for DIY oil-painting.


Wash the brush cleanly when you change to another color or don't want to paint

For the large part, you can use the larger brush to paint, and for the small part, you can use the smaller brush to paint


Wash the brush when you finish or stop painting

The paint we offer is enough for the normal use, please do not waste it in case of the paint shortage.

Please cover the lid of paint well when you do not use it, in case the paint gets dry.

Package Includes:

1x Pre-printed textured art canvas 

3x Brushes

1 set of Acrylic paints

1x Number drawing renderings

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