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Self Defense Alarm


1. Easy to use carrying, low power, loud alarm. There is a light bulb that can be used urgently at night

2. Safe and effective personal safety device.
3. Night workers, ladies, the elderly, the disabled, joggers and single travelers.
4. Danger, just pull out the pin attached to the key on the pin can be issued an alarm sound, the alarm will issue a loud alarm.
5. When the siren sound is reduced, remove the battery cover from the alarm to replace the same new battery

Warning: The alarm sound is very loud, never put it close to your ears. This product is not a one time use, pull out the latch to sound the alarm, pull in to stop the alarm, which can be used repeatedly.

Color: colors
Material: plastic + electronic components
Battery type: 4pcs button batteries
Working current: 9mA
Light color: burst flash
Volume: about 130dB
Use: usually can be used as a key chain on the phone or other items, the other end of the body or inside the bag, when the items fall off or other emergency situations, pull out the plug, 100-120 dB high alarm sound let out
Product size: 7 x 5.5 x 2.5cm

Packing list: 
Blasting Light*1