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Lightbulb Vase

Create Your Little World Inside!

* recycled eco product;
* laser engraving availability (a name, initials, or logo);
* a lovely gift to inspire and impress (your friends, family, or company);
* accessories included to decorate it (a stem of non-organic grass, 25g mini stones);

Recycled To Inspire
This time the lightbulbs’ story is a bit different - instead of going to the trash, they came to our design workshop, where we recycled them in a way that allows you to make an extraordinary piece of art and thus be the artist yourself!

What is your imagination telling you? Plant holder for succulents or dried flowers, terrarium, message in a bottle, something exceptional? Unleash your creativity and see where it goes! There is no right or wrong. Whatever you like is what it should be (only keep in mind instructions inside). You are the captain of your ship and master of your world!

We can personalize a “Beta” lightbulb for your friends, family, or company by laser engraving the piece. Imagine your name or logo on it when you open the box and the moment you see it…one of those smiles gets on your face. We’ll only need the text (or logo) from you and you can Include your details at checkout.

- Base measures 6x6cm and height is 16cm;
- The lightbulb can hold about 100ml of water;
- The lightbulb can be screwed and unscrewed from the stand in order to be cleaned, replaced, or arranged;
- Can be used as a reed diffuser for aroma sticks;

First we start with chunks of high quality European lime wood. After doing all the cutting, sanding and constructing (using both nails and glue), we apply water based stain to give the wood its' color. Then we finish with several coats of satin varnish to make the surface smooth and sexy and to guarantee years of service of your item.