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Hamburger Press

Make stuffed burgers like a pro with the stuffed burger maker. Make delicious, mouth watering burgers stuffed with you favorite filling, cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions whatever you want.

Start with your favorite ground meat whether beef, turkey, chicken or pork and then add your favorite ingredients to make the perfect stuffed burger. The even thickness ensures that your stuffed burger is cooked to perfection! 

It's easy as 1 shape it, 2 stuff it, 3 seal it. Hamburger press creates a deep cup to hold your filling, and seals the sides for a perfect leak proof burger and locking flavor in.

Washer safe. Includes Hamburger Press Maker and recipe guide.


    • High Quality and 100% New
    • Item name: Hamburger maker
    • Material: Food Grade Plastic
    • Color: Red
    • Net Weight: 186g
    • Size: diameter 9cm


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