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Q: I want to find out my order status.

A: Chances are it shipped already! Orders ship out same or next business day. You should have received a tracking email, but if not click below to find out where it is.

*Note we ship from Woburn MA, our packages typically go to a sorting after they leave here, usually Nashua, NA or Philadelphia, PA depending on volume. So it is not unusual for your package to take a little bit of a trip before getting to you.

Q: How Do I Send A Return or Exchange An Item?

A: Papkara will accept returns for products within 45 days of purchase (90 days for products ordered 10/1 - 12/25) that are not used, unopened, defective, or you are not happy with the item for any reason.

We are not able to offer exchanges for products, but you can of course return your merchandise for a refund to your original form of payment and repurchase your desired product whenever you'd like.

Please note that we are not able to accept returns on Mystery items (t-shirts, hats, candles), t-shirts with custom text, or any other items marked as final sale.

If you'd like to return an item, please click below to get started. We just need a little info from you, and then we will provide you with a prepaid label!

Q: I received a gift and need to return or exchange it

A: No problem! Send us an email at support@papkara.com with the order number and/or the name of who placed the order and we'll get you an exchange form and return shipping label.

Q: What are my shipping costs or I have another question about shipping?

A: Shipping costs depend on the weight of your items, the service you select, and your shipping location. You can always add the items to your cart and see your shipping costs. For other questions about shipping, Click Here


Q: I ordered a product and now it's on sale. Will you refund me the difference?

A: We will honor sale prices up to 10 days after purchase. Click Here to send us an email requesting a refund. Be sure to include your order number and purchase date.


Q: I have a question about a size on an apparel item.

A: Our sizing chart is accurate and up to date. It should be displayed on the product page.


Q: An item is out of stock on the website, when will it be available?

A: When an item goes out stock on our website we typically replenish it as fast as we can. We want to sell more of them just as much as you want to buy one. Usually we are just waiting on the manufacturer to get more in stock so they can ship them to us. Please go to that item page and input your email address where it says "notify me when back in stock". You will be notified as soon as that item becomes available again.


Q: I Have a question about a product that I would like to purchase:

A: Click Here to send an inquiry, your email will be delivered to a knowledgeable Papkara admin that will answer you within a few hours.


Q: Can I call and place my order?

A: At this time all orders need to be placed online so we can focus on shipping. If you have a product question then Click Here to go to our inquiry page.


Q: Do you have a storefront?

We are online only, we ship wicked fast though so order now and it might even ship today!


Q: I want to join your newsletter, update my email, or unsubscribe.

A: Joining our newsletter is simple, visit the bottom of our website and enter your email. Unsubscribing is just as simple, just click the link inside your next email and you will be removed from our list.


Q: I am seeking a charitable donation or some donated stuff for my charity event.

A: While we would love to support every cause and donate stuff to your charity we have found it impossible to pick and choose between charities. We get many emails per week and if we made a donation to every inquiry we would be out of business and that would not do anyone any good. We have instead decided to make a yearly donation to a charity of our choice. Please do not contact us with any type of charity requestsbecause it makes our hearts heavy to say no and we unfortunately cannot respond to these types of emails.

Q: Other stuff.

Sales tax- Yes we charge it on certain items (usually non-apparel) if your ship to address is in Mass.

Gift Certificates- Never Expire, gift codes issues before 11/1/2017 please remove the @ symbol from the code.

Media, Legal, Marketing- Send us an email on our inquiry page. CLICK HERE.


Q: You did not answer my question here. I need more help:

A: No problem, just CLICK HERE to go to our inquiry page and send us an email.We work best via email and that is the quickest way to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!


Mail communication can be sent to Papkara, 6 Liberty Square, Boston MA 02109