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About Us

Papkara is a retailer from Boston that focuses on innovative and unique products that are created by a Maker with a story to tell. We find unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. Often great products come to market but have yet to discovered. When we choose these new and unique products, they are ready to find a wider audience and our product launch platform gives them the amplification and attention they deserve.

The founders and creators of Papkara also tend to be building businesses that align with one or more of these values:

  • Sustainable Living
  • Made in the USA
  • Tech & Innovation
  • Handcrafted
  • Independent Maker
  • Social Enterprises
  • Philanthropy
  • Underrepresented Entrepreneurs
  • Crowdfunded

Our goal is to level the playing field so the best companies can win. Our mission is to attract and build a powerful community of Makers, Retailers and Consumers whose enthusiasm for suggesting, sharing, and buying innovative products ensures the survival and growth of the ground-breaking companies behind them. 

Our end goal is that within five years 10% of all products flowing through U.S. retail will be originating from independent small-scale Makers, creating vibrant jobs and innovative products in every corner of our country.

How do we decide which products and companies are “best?”  First, they must be true innovators. Second, they must have rich stories to share (often full of blood, sweat and tears). Third, they must be built on strong values.  Those values can include preserving a handcraft, solving a problem in a fresh way, creating jobs in a struggling or developing region, building a social or green enterprise, manufacturing in the USA, or inventing new technologies. 

We believe business is meaningful.  As businesspeople, we have the responsibility to shape the world with care and thought.  As consumers, we also have tremendous power.  We get to decide which businesses to support.